Why beginning the digitalization of your firm.

Digitalization comes in many shapes and forms in businesses. Connected lamps that manage the lighting according to the number of people in the room and the outside light. A coffee machine connected with a smartphone that prepares in a click your favorite espresso. An application that corrects your posture to avoid low back pain …Digitization of workspaces: not just a matter of figures. Indeed, transforming the working environments of different companies are often motivated by the same issues.

  • Promoting exchanges and collaboration between employees
  • Allowing the opening of the company to the outside
  • Embodying the image and values of the company

These connected objects, far from science fiction news, are already an integral part of the reality of workspaces, even if their democratization is not yet recorded. However, these innovations will undoubtedly represent the future of our offices, for three reasons: a first trivial, and two more thoughtful.

Let’s move quickly in the first one: the man-kind likes fashionable gadgets and new atypical tools. To be convinced of this, just have a look on the queues in Apple’s stores. Then come two different wills: the desire for the leader of a company to increase the efficiency of its employees; and the will of the employees to increase well-being and comfort in their businesses.

Generally, digitization (or digital transformation) is about changes related to the integration of digital technology into human society. In order to understand the effects of these upheavals on its working ecosystem, some figure needs to be mentioned.

According to some study, there are serious and even very cumbersome trends: 60% of employees who work in digital spaces explain being more motivated and happier at work and 43% say they find it easier to have a good balance between professional life and privacy. Thus, the digitization of spaces would largely fulfill the aspirations for the well-being of employees. At the same time, employees working in digitized space are said to be 73% more productive and 70% more in tune with working together with their colleagues. When it comes to entrepreneurs’ side, the study conducted by CBRE “Occupier Survey 2018” on 114 american and european firms showed that 75% of those firms intend to increase their budgets related to digital transformation. Indeed, more and more firms depict digital transformation as a strategic issue for their business. As a result, digitization of working spaces is in most of case, a wellspring of well-being and productivity.

What’s more, digitization and the opening of flex-office enables to rethink and to reconsider management’s modes. Bringing digital into the company while freeing spaces, allows greater connivance between different strata of the organization. Sharing the same workspace as his collaborators enable everyone to multiply the relations and to smooth them out. We become more accessible and more open, listening to feedback from our employees.

The digital transformation is a great opportunity for the company to question itself and a perspective of undeniable evolution of the workspace as digital is a powerful lever for competitiveness. Here are a few tips to settle a digital strategy in ones working space.

Digital strategy has to be designed and understood according to the firm’s culture. The digitization project enables to define :

  • Numerical goals
  • The means to reach them
  • Digitalization tools to set up

3 major trends must be followed carefully while implementing digital strategy in ones working space .

  • Promote employee mobility: now, thanks to new mobile technologies, you can work from anywhere. The company must find the tools to meet this nomadic need.
  • Allow collaboration: exchange and cooperation are practiced more and more in the company. Reorganize and digitize the workspace to introduce a collaborative trend
  • Surround yourself with efficient IT and technical services: the digital challenge is huge for the company. The security and performance of the network, data and tools must be guaranteed with trained and informed CIOs.

Productivity and efficiency, flexibility, mobility and collaboration, accessibility and data sharing, employee satisfaction and business transformation, valuable creation are all the things your firm could win with a serious and efficient digital strategy.

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