Brainstorming turns out to provide an open and free environment that  eases the participation of everyone. Every kind of ideas are welcomed and all employees are encouraged to participate actively and fully to the session. Combining individual and group brainstorming will certainly help you get the best results and creative solutions.

By following our advises, you will be able to get your staffers to focus on the issue without interruption, and you will be able to maximize the number of generated ideas.

So as to find innovative ideas, you need to focus on questions, and not on answers.

Improving brainsmoring skills will allow you to capture the best ideas of your team and to solve your problem with more constructive and innovative ideas.

Having better brainstorming is possible, you just have to know about some tips and advises to make your session more efficient. Here are 5 steps and tips to make your brainstorming session more efficient.

First, you have to explain clearly the problem of the session and make sure everyone has clearly understood the issue. Sometimes asking question is much more productive: indeed, questions help people to think and to get the proper point about the issue. Forgetting or ignoring this step will lead to un-fruitful session because it will keep you from finding the best solutions.

You need then to put a great attention on the quantity, and not on the quality. The goal is to collect as much ideas as possible: you have to set minds free and share as much as possible so as to improve the results. Do not hesitate to write down all your ideas, on a paper  or on your computer, it will help you finding solutions ! Brainstorming is an exploration phase and effectiveness and efficiency are the two main definition for it.

Figuring storming is also a good tips you can use for your session.  It’s is pretty simple, all you have to do is to consider someone and wonder how could have this person react in the situation you are facing with. Try this simple question for instance :” What would Lincoln do ?” by doing so, you free up ideas that aren’t limited to your participants. It’s one of those exercises for teams that gives everyone a different viewpoint.

You can also set time limitation. Indeed, such method helps people to generate more ideas and to be more productive during the session. Under pressure, people are more prone to find a larger amount of ideas.

Try to generate solutions individually. Before beginning the brainstorming session, try to make sure that every employees come up with their own solutions to the problem. Indeed, a major issue with group brainstorming is that people are more prone to take the first solution mentioned as the “anchor” of the session instead of continue to look for solutions.

If you manage to integrate those tips on your brainstorming sessions, there is any room for doubt that you will enhance your sessions and that your group discussions will be more creative and more fruitful.

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