So as to be a great leader, you need to learn to delegate

One of the most difficult things for leaders to do is to pass from the position of performer to decision maker.

When your responsibilities in your company grow, you will certainly first be really dynamic: you have the energy to wake up early and to work later so as to meet the sollicitations. However, there is no room for doubt that you will meet difficulties when facing with the amount of demands and missions. From then on, the impact of your leadership will be worked out by the way you implicate your colleagues. To have access to all of your possibilities, you need to be sure that the colleagues to whom you give tasks will do their best to meet your common priorities and goals. Likewise, if you give importance to unnecessarily task, then the impact of your leadership will be lowered.

Having more impact in the way to lead demands to be more essential and less implicated, even if it sounds paradoxical.Indeed, there is big difference between being implicated and essential. It is the same difference than being occupied and being productive at work. Your implication as a leader must be a mix of opportunities, obligations and choices to make when it comes to your main mission. How much you are non-essential or indispensable to the success of these activities depends on the firmness and wisdom with which you put your team in motion. This is the very reason one, so as to have impact as leader, you need to be able to make your colleagues understand which are the priorities and stop “protecting” your work and keep it for yourself. Indeed, people only get involved when they understand their role in their realization. Once you have defined their task, circumscribed their contribution and verified that it matches their skills, take care to inform them in detail of all your expectations so that everything is well understood.It is essential to stay involved, but the degree of commitment is important. You must maintain a level of commitment that is sufficient to provide the mix of support and responsibility you have agreed upon.

If those advises seem quite obvious, they remain hard to implement, and leading a team is all a matter of balance and communication.

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