The APEC, which stands for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, has now become the powerhouse of the world and represents 60% of the world GDP and 47% of world trade.

The APEC has  grown to become a major driving force of regional economic growth and especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. SME are of prime importance for Asian economies because they are a wellspring of prosperity, innovation, employment, and opportunities. As a result, it is critical for the APEC to back SME in their modernization. This is the very reason why, the community has decided to promote SME algebraic transformation in the digital age.

The impact of digitization is global and now not only industries, but also SME are concerned. As a result, SME have to understand how to access the market and how to be competitive in the digital age.

The APEC Online-to-Offline (O2O) Initiative―Enhancing SME Digital Competitiveness and Resilience towards Quality Growth marks the second phase of the O2O Initiative proposed by Chinese Taipei.

Co-hosted by VICGO, the training workshop in Vietnam is the fourth event and came after Kuala Lumpur , Taipei and Kaohsiung ones. The previous three one were a success and have contributed to build a transnational platform for young entrepreneurs and technology startups. They offered training, networking, and showcasing opportunities to assist SMEs in seizing new opportunities and anticipating for new challenges in the digital economy.

Ho-Chi-Minh APEC SME Digital Resilience training workshop’s goal is to boost SMEs’ digital competitiveness and resilience and facilitate their integration into global supply and value chains. We expect that various forms of cooperation will emerge.

Mr.Thang Huynh – CEO of VICGO, will have the pleasure to co-host distinguished guests and to lead panel discussions sessions.

Among them, Rick Yvanovich, the Founder, and CEO of TRG international, who is a distinguished entrepreneur and a particularly influential director. He excels at providing innovative business solutions and at developing business capabilities. His strong experience allows him to cover a large panel of fields that makes him an inspiring man.

M.Thang Huynh will also host Dr. Jason Kao who is Director of Southern Taiwan Program Office in Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER). Dr. Jason Kao specialized in Information Economy, Knowledge Economy, International trade, Technology and Innovation Policy, Foresight and Future studies and Regional Economic Developments. He is the co-founder of Digital & Microwave System Technology Co., Ltd. and is an active participant of Facilitating SMEs to Engage in APEC and Regional Economic Integration Project.

This workshop, expected to attract around 100 participants, aims to enhance digital competitiveness and resilience for SMEs/startups, raise the awareness of cyber security when SMEs/startups adopt O2O business model to grasp the opportunity generated by digital technology.

In this one-day training workshop, followed by 2 panel discussions featuring panelists of professional background in cyber security, the train-the-trainer course held in the afternoon is designed to simulate real cyber-attacks and create realistic experiences where participants can build up their abilities to make prompt decisions and gain better understanding of procedures to safeguard their companies. Through interactive and sharing sessions, seed trainers are empowered to facilitate cross-border cooperation, build stronger partnerships, and raise digital resilience and cyber security awareness.


Register here

Place: Aristo Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Time: Wednesday, August 29 at 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

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