Intellectual curiosity and learnability have become major required skills for employers. TO be capable to quickly grow and to be reactive is a matter of prime importance: knowledge is, to be sure, important, but being able to ask the right question and to learn fast seem even more essential today. Big firm such as Google or American Express search those skills for their talent management team. This learning culture allow an open mindset and enable people to be free when facing with new knowledges. But this state of mind remains the exception. This is a shame because a study led by Bersin showed that firms who have achieved to fix a learning culture in their team into place are more prone to be market leaders of their sector. How can we then create a learning culture amour our teamwork?

First of all, you have to establish a reward system. In fact, it will boost them to improve their learning skills and to take the time to do so. The purpose is to create a climate in which employees feel motivated to learn and to develop critical thinking. Thanks to this system, your team will certainly produce something innovative.

Then it is of crucial importance to give to your employees constructive and meaningful feedbacks. Indeed, people are often ignorant of their limits. But feedbacks and critic must be given in a positive way to enable them to improve themselves, because if it is to negative, they will be less receptive.

Thirdly, you have to stand as an example and to show the path so as to have an influence on your employees’ behavior. You have then to open first your mindset. It would be a bit badly received if you were to ask thing you do not do to yourself.

Finally, you need to hire curious people. In fact, it would be easier to have people who are curious and will to open their mindset. And you have to make proper choose as soon as you begin to hire people: people with high learnability.

Putting the proper and the right learnings goals is of prime importance. The formal organization methods will not help you. To create a learning culture on your team, you have to give proper feedbacks, to lead as an exemple and to hire people who want to learn and are capable of that.

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