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Market Intelligence

We use multiple sources of information to create a broad picture of the company's existing market, customers, problems, competition, and growth potential for new products and services. We gather relevant data in order to analyze trends of the market and rivals’ performance. It enables to identify your growth opportunities and to develop and adopt winning strategies to capture your market.

Market Strategy

We determine clearly our clients’ business capabilities and existing commercial strategy to create a plan for successful entry.
We help you to develop a comprehensive and fact-based understanding of the market, clients to win in hyper-competitive emerging markets.
Our expertise in developing commercial strategies for products and services enables a clear apprehension of the competitive advantage and the position product to adopt.

Trade Promotion

We help SMEs in Asia to reach the Vietnamese market and identifying new business opportunities.
We build up trade partnership and new contacts with buyers and institutions in Vietnam. Our goals along with our clients is to optimize relations between them and their supply network so as to implement win-win strategies and to increase profits.

Business Expansion

We provide laws consulting services so as to allow firms to have the needed acquaintances about the legal way of their setting up abroad. We assist the creation of the right market penetration strategy that will optimize your implementation in Vietnam.
Joint ventures with Vietnam companies are also organized for you to maximize your revenue and profits.

Competitive Strategy

We give a strong support in the establishment of Marketing and Sales Strategy as well as the building of Business Partnerships.
We provide advice and guidance for your marketing and messaging strategy with the goal to create the best sustainable firm’s guideline. We also help you to specify your Market Segmentation to allow you to build the proper marketing policy. We give you the key to understand the country and regional specificities.
Local Partnerships for distribution, service etc., R&D partnerships and collaboration are also proposed

Corporate Training

We coordinate professional development activities in order to educate your employees. Leveraging on the power of association is one of our main goal. We establish intentional energy rituals for renewal and sustainability so as to ensure you and your team harness a positive energy to sustain the growth of the organization. Workshops are organized to update employees’ skills and improve their performance. The main goal is to increase their expertise in completing business results.

Event Organizing

We provide a modern, creative approach to event production. We plan your upcoming event for your corporation and we also organize different kind of event from trainings to workshops with distinguished guests. Our team planners have the full scope of skills needed to manage every logistics and aspects of events.

Our Mission

VICGO offers a broad range of consulting services in Marketing, Community Building, project development and corporate management and development in various industries and regardless of size, from SMEs to large corporations. 

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